MGV Medjunarodni transport robe Niš se prevozom robe, kako u domacem tako i u medjunarodnom saobracaju (Italija, Nemacka, Francuska Turska. Osnovna delatnost firme je transpot različitih vrsta robe, kako u zemlji, tako i u inostranstvu. Firmu čine menadžeri, dispečeri i vozači sa dugogodišnjim iskustvom koji posao obavljaju profesionalno i odgovorno uz praćenje i međusobnu komunikaciju. Preduzeće ima više od 30 zaposlenih.  MGV Medjunarodni transport robe Niš se prevozom robe, kako u domacem tako i u medjunarodnom saobracaju (Italija, Nemacka, Francuska Turska.


MGV Transport was founded in 1992 in Niš.

The company’s main business activity is the transportation of various types of goods, both in the country and abroad. The company comprises managers, dispatchers, and drivers with many years of experience who perform their work professionally and responsibly with monitoring and mutual communication. The company has more than 30 employees.

Our company transports goods in the country and internationally (Italy, Germany, French, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Holland, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Russia…). MVG Transport has a team of expert people ready to meet modern business requirements, respect deadlines, and timely communicate your goods collection and delivery times. Our fleet also includes refrigerator trucks and tautliners.

Our trucks are also ADR licensed for transporting hazardous materials and have CMR insurance valued at 300,000 euros, making your goods insured from the loading to the unloading point. We also have GPS tracking on our vehicles, so you can track the location of your goods at any time.
Our fleet comprises 20 VOLVO and MERCEDES semi-trailers (MEGA) with 24t-33t euro pallet capacity and EURO 5 and EURO 6 eco engines.

The company also boasts state-of-the-art GPS vehicle tracking systems and anti-fuel theft devices both in Serbia and abroad. The program uses Google Maps and zooms to street level as needed. The program can generate many different reports (maps or text information about the vehicle route history) that can be automatically uploaded to already existing fleet cost management and transport optimization programs. MGV GPS security company has independently developed a comprehensive user-friendly solution with numerous advanced functions. The MGV LOCATOR system hardware elements are made following strict EU standards and characterized by high quality of workmanship and reliability.


We present to you a modern vehicle satellite tracking system that will allow you to track vehicle location, route, speed, mileage, driver breaks, and prevent various misuses, such as use for private purposes, etc., at low cost. This results in not only significant financial savings but also improved driver, vehicle, and goods safety.


With our GPS system, you can protect your vehicle from theft, but you can also reduce transportation costs in road traffic. Don’t waste more money on fuel and uncontrolled spending. Say STOP to fuel theft with our GPS system.

If you are interested in a unique combination of quality service and a good price, contact us with confidence. We are aware that professional knowledge and competence, constant education and the application of the most modern methods in business have the greatest influence on achieving cooperation with our partners.